QuiqLiteMed Hands Free Light (QL-MED)


Specifically designed for those in the medical field, the QuigLiteMED provides light where you need it most while allowing use of both hands. While comfortably fitting with your medical uniform, the QuiqLiteMED clips easily, allowing light to shine where you need it most, while the slim profile helps to prevent the light from catching on any surfaces, resulting in less bulk from your every day carry. Comparatively pen lights don’t provide enough light in certain situations, and take up one hand, making it difficult to update important patient information.


  • White LED: 20 Lumens
  • Hands Free Light
  • Super-Bright Dual LEDs
  • Anti-Glare Visor
  • 160 Degree Adjustable Light Arm
  • Weather Resistant Nylon Housing
  • New Pupil Gauge